Family Bible Camp operated by “free-will offering” in an area famous for natural beauty & outdoor recreation.

Speakers 2023

Brian Swash

Bryan Swash born in Toronto, Canada has been married to Liz for 45 years. He and his wife have 2 married daughters and 8 grandchildren. Currently Bryan is retired and lives in Langley, BC Canada. Serving as a national elder for Fellowship of Christian Assemblies his portfolio for the FCA is Spiritual Well-being (Spiritual Formation). He has completed 45 years of pastoral ministry (2 churches) and currently serves in a ministry that seeks to provide care for those in church leadership. This ministry of soul-care currently known as Heart of the Shepherd has taken him throughout Canada, America and overseas to such places as Philippines, Nepal and various African nations. Jesus invitation to His followers was progressive. He began with “come see” which led to “follow me”, then “be with me” and ultimately “remain in me”. This progression is crucial in our understanding if we are to enter into the fulness of the Christian life. Observing the hindrances to that progression is key to our spiritual well-being.


Kevin McClure

Jesus introduced Himself to Kevin in a dorm room in Winona, Minnesota in 1972. Since then, Jesus and Kevin have been on a journey together that has led them in and through times of healing, joy, celebration, and suffering. During this time, Kevin became a spouse, a father, a grandfather, a pastor, and a writer. Jesus has been showing Kevin the heart of His Father and with help from the Holy Spirit, Kevin will do his best to help you experience the Father’s heart, too. Kevin had been married to Laura until her recent death. They had four children and there are 10 grandchildren.

Camp Planning Committee

Donita Mariegard
Camp Administrator

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